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Our Preferred Vendors

Cambridge Cloudworks is working to partner with these leading manufacturers in the security and IT infrastructure space.


Microsoft, a prominent player in the tech industry, is recognized for its robust cybersecurity solutions and commitment to IT compliance. With offerings like Microsoft 365 Defender, Azure Security Center, and a dedication to industry standards, Microsoft is a trusted partner for organizations seeking secure and compliant digital environments.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud services provider, stands out for its comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions and adherence to rigorous IT compliance standards. With a portfolio that includes AWS Security Hub, GuardDuty, and a commitment to industry regulations, AWS is a preferred choice for businesses seeking resilient and compliant cloud infrastructures.


RSA, a renowned cybersecurity company, specializes in providing advanced solutions for digital risk management and IT compliance. With a focus on identity and access management, encryption, and threat detection, RSA empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity challenges while ensuring compliance with industry standards.


FireMon, a leading cybersecurity management company, excels in providing proactive solutions for network security and IT compliance. With a suite of products that include policy and risk management tools, FireMon enables organizations to enhance their security postures and navigate compliance requirements efficiently.


Cisco, a global technology leader, is at the forefront of cybersecurity and IT compliance solutions. With a robust portfolio spanning networking, cloud security, and collaboration, Cisco empowers organizations to build secure, compliant, and resilient digital infrastructures.


Tenable, a key player in cybersecurity, specializes in vulnerability management solutions that play a crucial role in maintaining IT compliance. With products like and Nessus, Tenable enables organizations to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities, fortifying their cybersecurity postures and ensuring adherence to industry standards.

Rapid 7

Rapid7, a prominent cybersecurity company, is recognized for its innovative solutions in vulnerability management and IT compliance. With a suite of products, including InsightVM and InsightIDR, Rapid7 empowers organizations to strengthen their security postures, proactively manage risks, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks, a leading cybersecurity company, is synonymous with cutting-edge solutions for network security and IT compliance. Renowned for products like Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall and Prisma Cloud, Palo Alto Networks helps organizations safeguard their digital assets, ensuring robust security and adherence to compliance standards.


Sophos, a prominent cybersecurity firm, is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for endpoint protection and IT compliance. With a focus on innovative products like Sophos Intercept X and Sophos Central, the company empowers organizations to navigate evolving cyber threats while maintaining a strong commitment to industry compliance standards.


Secureframe, specializes in automating and simplifying the compliance process for businesses. Their platform helps companies achieve and maintain compliance with various industry standards and regulations. Secureframe’s software streamlines tasks like policy creation, evidence collection, and audit preparation, saving businesses time and resources.

Red Hat

Red Hat, a leader in open-source solutions, extends its expertise to cybersecurity and IT compliance through offerings like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift. Known for fostering innovation in enterprise technology, Red Hat empowers organizations with secure and compliant solutions in the dynamic landscape of IT infrastructure.


ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation that offers a suite of IT management software solutions. ManageEngine’s software is designed to help businesses effectively manage their IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and enhance security.