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MSP Services

It’s needless to say that the IT industry is constantly improving. There is innovation left, right, and center. The projects are becoming more solution-centric, the delivery cycles are becoming faster, and the customer base is constantly expanding. In simpler words, the advent of new processes and technological advancement is making things easier; the threats are also increasing.

For this reason, there is an immediate need for a fool-proof and well-designed IT security system to make sure businesses are protected from threats that don’t seem to die down. However, managing the security posture can be challenging for multiple organizations, given the lack of professional security experts, resources, and supporting staff.

This is a common reason many businesses aren’t focusing on their security, but Cambridge Cloudworks is here to offer MSP services to make sure your business is secure and protected. We understand that developing and maintaining your own security infrastructure can be challenging, be it online or in-house. This calls for strong technical expertise as you have to assess, analyze, and respond on a regular basis.

At Cambridge Cloudworks, we are constantly working to help our clients secure their IT infrastructures. We have the expertise your business needs to differentiate between real and false threats, as our experts have intellectual assessment skills. We can help you with an array of IT security needs, ranging from security monitoring to log management and threat detection to compliance management.

Our team is also available for timely and professional incident response, vulnerability assessment and solutions, customized security strategies, and threat and malware detection. In simpler words, our team will work around the clock to become the ultimate extension of your company’s existing IT security system while promising constant advancement and improvement.

Managed Identity Services

When it comes down to our MSP services, we believe in providing a full-range experience to our clients. For this reason, our services include user access management, privileged and authority account management, and identity governance. We understand that every business wants access to important data, but we also focus on the regulatory requirements and increasing complexity.

In simpler words, we focus on all aspects of data collection to ensure there are no security compromises. We will help you streamline access to the enterprise and cloud-level applications that you have deployed in your business. In addition, we are working with an aim to make managed identity services safe and cost-effective for all our clients.  

Managed Threat Detection and Response Services

The businesses are always under threat, and Cambridge Cloudworks is working to help businesses protect their assets from emerging as well as existing threats. Our managed threat detection and response services are designed with in-depth research. We conduct in-depth research to identify the potential threats and validate them.

Our team will assess the scope as well as the severity of these threats to devise a strategic solution. We take immediate steps to neutralize the threats and maximize the uptime of your business. On top of everything, we will always implement actionable strategies that kill the threats and errors from their roots.

Our managed vulnerability management services are curated to help businesses reduce their exposure to potential threats and risks. For this reason, we manage and optimize the business infrastructure and execute the security systems that help keep the vulnerabilities at bay. In addition, we will gather the threat intelligence approaches to ensure seamless management.

Our team focuses on operational scanning to identify vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. When you come to us, we will create a vulnerability management plan that helps protect the organization from current as well as future threats. Our services are crafted to deliver proper visibility of the attack surface and measurement of the risk rate to help find suitable solutions.

Web applications are becoming better with each passing day, which is why their security has become the utmost priority. Businesses need to focus on the security aspect of their applications, ranging from configuration to scheduling and scanning to verification of the key security aspects. That’s the reason we are offering managed application security services.

With this service, we are offering scan management as well as targeted reporting of detection of vulnerabilities. In addition, we conduct penetration testing, promising better security. Our team will review the assessment results and validate the vulnerabilities. In addition, if there are false positives, we will remove them for ultimate security.

In the past few years, businesses have switched to cloud environments, and we are working to help you make them secure. Our managed cloud security services are designed to help you achieve your goals through constant monitoring of your complex IT networks as well as data in the cloud environment. We understand that cloud-centric threats can have internal as well as external sources.

Having said that, we will protect your business cloud from every threat, be it external or internal. For this purpose, we leverage our strategic approach to create response and remediation strategies without compromising on cost-effectiveness. All these services are designed to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage by becoming the most secure in the industry.

Promising Professional & Reliable MSP Services

The managed IT security services at Cambridge Cloudworks are designed to be a network security service that allows businesses to secure their tech infrastructures from the ever-evolving and growing cyber security threats. These services are designed to bring value to the security efforts of the organization by offering a defensive framework.

The defensive framework helps protect the IT infrastructure as well as monitor the systems and network to optimize security monitoring. We promise on-time incident detection to offer response services that fix the problems on time to ensure your business or the customers don’t suffer. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are offering a combination of technical expertise as well as human intelligence.

This combination helps us create a reliable and robust security base, which is enough to offer next-generation solutions. So, all you need to do is come to us, and we will help you achieve the desired results for effective security management. That’s because we have a team of IT security professionals who have the deep expertise that empowers them to support businesses from different industries.

Seamless Network Security Monitoring

At Cambridge Cloudworks, we offer seamless network security monitoring services because they help us identify weak points in the security and network systems. We will analyze the security system to detect errors and anomalies in the system. This helps us determine the right platform for implementing the security intelligence systems.

In fact, constant security monitoring is a reliable way of generating real-time performance and analytical reports to ensure our clients are always in the loop.

Professional Data Center Operations

Providing managed security services is not enough if you aren’t targeting the data center. For this reason, Cambridge Cloudworks is offering data center operations services. We are offering server and storage operations to make sure the data is streamlined and stored for your ease. These servers are monitored for security, and our team ensures all-time backup to ensure the important data is always important.

In addition to backing up the data, our services include data recovery in case of a system breakdown to ensure your business doesn’t stop because the data isn’t available. We have infrastructure utility as well as relocation services available to ensure your data centers are always up and running.

Ensuring maximum uptime for your business is not possible without on-point administration. For this reason, we are offering all-time security administration services. Our team works around the clock to offer system administering services to ensure utmost security. We will help you protect your data and business devices, promising better security.

When you choose us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of security checks because we run vulnerability checks on software as well as hardware resources – it helps ensure error-free security.

Every business has to comply with different regulations and laws to keep operating in a certain industry. Having said that, Cambridge Cloudworks is offering reliable vulnerability management services. With this service, we will create regulatory and compliance frameworks that help manage system vulnerabilities to better compliance.

With this service, we will regularly scan your systems to find potential errors and create detailed reporting. If there are some issues, we will also make a remediation plan to mitigate the risks.

Our data discovery services are a fine combination of data collection and system analysis. This combination helps us extract and gather practical insights from the hidden business trends. These insights empower businesses to make informed and practical decisions, which help increase security as well as profitability and reliability.

Ultimate Wireless Rogue Detection

Rogue detection is important for businesses to be on top of their IT framework security, and at Cambridge Cloudworks, we are offering the ultimate wireless Rogue detection services that you can trust. We are offering discovery, detection, and containment. In addition, if needed, we assist our clients in implementing the RLDP Rogue Location Discovery Protocol.

Ultimate Security

When you come to us, we will always take your business security seriously. That’s because we promise increased security of your business systems, leading to higher chances of 100% uptime. In addition, the system security helps ensure there are no compromises on business performance and availability of your products and services to the customers.

Our team will work around the clock to ensure security management. We will not only help you identify the potential security risks but also create security systems and strategies that help you overcome these challenges.

Promising Value To All Our Clients

At Cambridge Cloudworks, we are constantly in search of clients for whom we can help. That’s because we started this company with the aim of helping hundreds of businesses secure their network and business infrastructures. We have procured the most sensible team that helps us provide high value to the businesses who come to us and choose us for cybersecurity services.

No Compliance & Regulatory Issues

Once you come to us for cybersecurity services, we will ensure that there are no compliance and regulatory issues sabotaging your business. That’s because we will work around the clock to study your industry as well as the business, promising identification of weak points. Once done, we will take this burden off your shoulders by monitoring and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Auditing is an important part of our services because it helps us determine the weaknesses in your current IT infrastructure. Our organization has a combination of professional auditors as well as advanced software solutions that help us achieve the best results. We audit your business when you first come to us to understand it.

However, that’s not all because we believe in regular audits to ensure there are no loopholes in the system and business infrastructure. The audits are in-depth to determine possible weak points and devise strategies that help us overcome them.

The risks can be deadly for businesses because it can lead to loss of money, customers, and more. For this reason, our team is always up and running to ensure there are no compromises on the effectiveness of your business operations. We will run risk management campaigns to ensure your business doesn’t suffer only because of a temporary error.

This risk management also helps us predict potential threats in your business so we can determine if something is hampering your performance and profitability. Once we know the dangers, we will create a plan that helps us mitigate these risks and threats for better profitability.

At Cambridge Cloudworks, we are constantly working with a team of professional cybersecurity experts who understand the value of time for businesses. For this reason, they are working around the clock to ensure there are no compromises on efficiency or productivity when we are handling your IT infrastructure as well as network systems.

When you come to us for cybersecurity services, we will ensure that there are no compromises on the quality of security. We will offer end-to-end monitoring services, with our team working around the clock to monitor the IT frameworks and systems. In addition, our monitoring efforts are offered by experts who understand the importance of constant system analysis and remediation.

Cost Control

At Cambridge Cloudworks, we understand that security breaches can be extremely expensive for businesses. That’s because if the business systems are hacked, there will be downtime for businesses, which results in loss of business, hence the money. For this reason, we are offering our reliable cybersecurity services that help us maximize your uptime so you don’t have to worry about high costs.

Content Filtering

In many cases, the businesses don’t even understand that they might be struggling because of errors in the content. For this reason, we are offering content filtering services that will empower us to ensure there are no errors in the content. For this purpose, we have hired content experts who know your website and systems.

In case some problematic content slows down performance or causes security issues, we will use advanced software solutions to clear these errors. All in all, our content filtering services will help you optimize your system content.

Robust Firewall

On top of everything, your business’s IT framework is incomplete without security systems, and a firewall is one of the most important parts. Having said that, our team will analyze your security and network infrastructure to determine the need for a firewall. If there are some issues, our cybersecurity experts will create a robust firewall that helps you secure the business systems, ranging from websites to data centers.

On a concluding note, Cambridge Cloudworks takes pride in helping you strengthen the technology systems of your business and empower you to move forward in line with the ever-evolving trends. We offer a comprehensive range of MSP services to ensure your cybersecurity and managed protection needs are covered. So, come to us, share your strategic vision, and watch our team create the most reliable plan that suits your business.